Welcome! We are a collaborative group of researchers pushing transient Monte Carlo neutron transport boldly into the Exascale! CEMeNT is affiliated with the following organizations:

National Nuclear Safety Administration Oregon State University North Carolina State University University of Noter Dame Seattle University PSAAP-III United States Department of Energy

We are also supported directly by scientific staff at Los Alamos, Sandia, Lawrence Livermore, and Oak Ridge National Labs.

We believe in open-source academic research. All our code bases are publicly available on github. We welcome collaborators outside of CEMeNT and encourage folks wanting to work with us to do so there! Also please feel free to reach out via email or join us on Slack.

This work was supported by the Center for Exascale Monte-Carlo Neutron Transport (CEMeNT) a PSAAP-III project funded by the Department of Energy, grant number: DE-NA003967.