The Center for Exascale Monte Carlo Neutron Transport (CEMeNT) is a PSAAP-III Focused Investigatory Center led by Oregon State University, with partner institutions University of Notre Dame, North Carolina State University, and Seattle University. The goal of the center is to advance Monte Carlo neutron transport capabilities on problems relevant to the National Nuclear Security Administration’s (NNSA) mission.

Project Road Map

The project has three main thrusts in the areas of:

  • Computational physics and simulation of time-dependent neutron transport phenomena
  • Exascale Software Engineering
  • Predictive Science

We are lead by Dr. Todd Palmer (Oregon State University) with researchers in nuclear engineering, computer science, software engineering, mechanical engineering, computational physics, and mathematics who are supported by eight graduate students. So far, work related to and funded by the center has resulted in one PhD, one MS, and one Honors BS, with many more to come.

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This work was supported by the Center for Exascale Monte-Carlo Neutron Transport (CEMeNT) a PSAAP-III project funded by the Department of Energy, grant number: DE-NA003967.

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