• Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering, Oregon State University, 2025, In Progress
  • M.S. Mechanical Engineering, Oregon State University, 2022
  • B.S. Mechanical Engineering, Oregon Institute of Technology, 2020


At CEMeNT Joanna works on research to enable Python to run at Exascale on both CPUs and GPUs. She is also in Dr. Niemeyer’s lab (NRG) and is currently on a co/op at Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) where she is adding ROCm compute capabilities to MC/DC. She also works in researching novel deterministic dynamic transport methods for GPU applications.

She has previously worked at Los Alamos National Lab on adding delta tracking to a production Monte Carlo neutron transport code MCATK and researched novel variance reduction techniques for MC TRT applications. Before joining the center Joanna had previously worked at Argonne and Thomas Jefferson National Labs on particle accelerator magnet analysis.

Joanna also manages this website (please email her if you spot any typos).

For more info see her website


  • Open source development methods for heterogenous exaclass compute hardware
  • Acceleration and abstraction of Python for HPC applications
  • Transient deterministic iterative methods for GPUs
  • Variance reduction techniques for radiation transport
  • Best practices for open source collaborative development