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All six of our center’s current graduate students completed summer internships within the trilabs, working on cutting edge research to fulfill the mission of the NNSA. Their dispersion around the trilabs demonstrates the tight knit relationship our center is building with them. Please see the list below for areas of research for our successful interns.

We would like to directly thank all the mentors who helped!

Vincent Novellino (Lawrence Livermore National Lab)
Investigated the accuracy of approximate models for 3D Stochastic medium thermal radiative transfer problems using IMC codes. Mentor: Patrick Brantley
Charles Goodman (Los Alamos National Lab)
Applied LLNL pulsed sphere verification suite benchmark problems to test a new time dependent hybrid variance reduction tool. Mentor: Stephen Wilson
Kayla Clements (Sandia National Lab)
Developed uncertainty quantification methods for Monte Carlo radiation transport solvers and performed numerical experiments to compare with existing methods. Mentors: Aaron Olson and Gianluca Geraci
Braxton Cuneo (Lawrence Livermore National Lab)
Refactored the Mercury/Imp codebase to allow for neutrons to be represented in a struct-of-array data layout. Mentor: Matt O’Brien
Sam Passman (Lawrence Livermore National Lab)
Tested a moment matching method for variance reduction in Monte Carlo simulations. Mentor Nick Gentile
Joanna Morgan (Los Alamos National Lab)
Novel variance reduction technique in the energy spectra for Monte Carlo thermal radiative transport. Mentors: Alex Long, Kendra Long, and Siamon Bolding